Where to Stay for the Persieds Meteor Shower in Joshua Tree

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       If you haven’t found anything to do this coming weekend then you are in luck because between August 9th and 11th the Perseids meteor shower is taking place. The Persieds is a unique cosmological event in that its meteors burn brighter and longer than most other than showers, leaving trails of glowing blue scars as they cut across the night sky. The one downside is that you’re probably going to have to travel to the countryside if you want to escape the blanket of light pollution that hangs over the city at night. My favorite refuge from the 21st century skies in Southern California is Joshua Tree National Park. It's about two hours away from Los Angeles without traffic and is one of the best stargazing destinations in North America. The planning required for this is enough to put most people off of the idea indefinitely, so I have put a list together of AirBnBs available for the weekend in the hope a little direction will get you to go and experience it for yourself.

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The Shasta

- Western Themed Trailer in a makeshift artists retreat

- Horseshoe pit

- For the price of a few beers you can learn everything you need to know about permaculture from the proprietor

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Color Trip Trailer

- 360 degree views of the Mojave Desert, Joshua Tree National Park, and Copper Mountain

- Outdoor patio with barbecue

- Colors gallor

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Starfire: A life altering experience

- Secluded mountaintop views

- Jacuzzi

- No neighbors = No light pollution

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Coyote Nelson

- Quiet and restful retreat only a few minutes away from Joshua Tree National Park

- Wonderfully decorated indoor/outdoor spaces

- Local owners are ready with tips for travelers looking to make the most out of their vacation


David Sohmer